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"What memories the recipes in your book remind me of: Italian families sharing the same faith, family & food. Your book was a delight to read and share with my mother, proving Italian Mom's are the best cooks in the world. Thank you." (Linda - Ohio)

"What a great thing the book is doing - not only for the family but for families." (Gail - New Jersey)

"For me, growing up as a only child, in a rather small but loving family, my first thought was how fortunate you were to have such a wonderful, large, extended family. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your memories as much as discovering the recipes. It's a terrific cookbook, but it's also a testament to your wonderful parents and the loving home that they provided for their family."
(Ginny - West Virginia)

"[This book is] a great find for any of us who grew up with an Italian heritage. Loved the book."
(Larry - Pennsylvania)

"If you want the real deal Italian cuisine on your table, pick up this book." (Mark - Connecticut)

"I received your wonderful cookbook and could almost smell the food cooking in the kitchen! Your cookbook is a treasure to my collection." (Paula - Texas)

"I never thought a cookbook would ever make me smile and cry at the same time (in a good way). It brings back beautiful memories. I love everything about it." (Janet - Ohio)

"My father sent me an e-mail with a link to the story of this cookbook. I would be honored to own it for many reasons. I have lost a lot of my grandmother's old Italian recipes and many were never even written down. My father...too was touched by the idea for the cookbook." (Tina - Arizona)

"I have thought of doing a small cookbook with my mother's and mother-in-law's recipes. But I have never gotten around to doing more than keeping their recipes in one place. I really admire you for writing and publishing the cookbook. It's a wonderful tribute to your mother and a legacy for the family."
(Randy - Pennsylvania)

"I just received your cookbook and it was absolutely perfect! The recipes look wonderful and nutritious. Some of the recipes were familiar, but some were new renditions that I am anxious to try. You made the execution look really easy...Other than the recipes, your book conveys many universally appealing elements. So many of today's families, because of distance, lack of time, or misplaced goals, have lost much of what your family has preserved, the honoring of family. Your book preserves much more than your family recipes." (Loretta - California)

"God bless you for all your hard work in putting the book together. It must have taken forever and a lot of patience. But what fun it must have been to do all of it with your mom!" (Mary - West Virginia)

"It happens to be the best cookbook for Italian recipes I have found anywhere, and are the same dishes my dear mother-in-law cooked...a pinch here and there, also a handful too. It's so nice to know at last someone interpreted them for us." (Lilian - Pennsylvania)

"Received the book, reviewed it and extremely enjoyed it! Brought back many fond memories reflective of the setting, faces, smiles, the clothes, even down to the wine decanters on page fourteen. (I think my grandparents had the same.) I was raised on this stuff: the food and family gatherings and the warm-hearted feelings. There is nothing like it." (David - Pennsylvania)

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